Drums "Getting Started" - Online Ebook, learn to play the drums!

Drums "Getting Started".

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Drums "Moving On" - Online Ebook, improve your drum playing techniques!

Drums "Moving On".

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"Drum Set 101" - Online Ebook, learn to play the drums!

"Drum Set 101".

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Keen to learn some new rhythm and style?

You have a couple of options:

1. Contact Jack for info on his drum lessons. You'll be rocking or jazzing in no time!

2. Jack has a drumming book called 'Drums - Getting Started' so you can learn at your own pace. Either:
Download a FREE sample PDF "Getting Started"
• Buy the e-book (with audio) for NZ $25.00. Click on the Buy Now button.
Contact Jack directly to pay by internet banking

Two new books just released!

Check them out now via the buttons under their corrosponding images.

The three books currently on special offer:

1. Drums "Getting Started".
A lesson by lesson guide to get you started and rocking

2. Drums "Moving On".
The follow on to “Drums Getting Started” Taking the next step into Jazz, Latin, Shuffles, Triplets, Odd time signatures and much more
Download a FREE sample PDF "Moving on"

3. "Drum Set 101".
A very condensed version of "Getting Started" and "Moving On". Ideal for those just wanting to learn the very basics of different genres